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8K WiFi Security Camera Wireless Outdoor IP PTZ Smart Home CCTV Security IR Cam

8K WiFi Security Camera Wireless Outdoor IP PTZ Smart Home CCTV Security IR Cam

8K WiFi Security Camera Wireless Outdoor IP PTZ Smart Home CCTV Security IR Cam

2.8mm + 6mm + 16mm. Horizontal 0 ° - 355 °, vertical 0 ° - 100 °. 30m (depending on the environment). 2D / 3D digital noise reduction.

Audio and video cloud storage. Two synchronous storage and synchronous look back. Audio and video local storage. Micro SD, two-way synchronous storage, synchronous look back.

Two channels, synchronous preview, support two-way video linkage. 25 frames (day) / 12 frames (night). Input: Humanoid detection / movement tracking / movement alarm output: linkage light.

Code scanning addition, hotspot AP configuration, manual addition. Dual code stream, image, password protection. Micro SD card (up to 128G) or cloud storage. F 5.5 round head power interface. Support tail line key reset. Support RJ45 network port (10 / 100M adaptive). "Puwei video cloud" PDEs cloud encryption. Ipc360 home (download from App Store). 12W Max without night vision.

4MP HD + 10 x Zoom PTZ Camera. Each lens is 4MP pixels, which makes your image clearer.

If you choose the three lens style, it means your camera is 3 4MP pixels. If you choose the four lens style, it means you can get an 8K (4 4MP) camera. There is only one camera in the package, please choose the style of your camera before placing an order.

Note: Only four lens cameras have a 10x zoom function. Each lens has a different size (2.8MM+6MM+16MM), which allows for clear monitoring from near to far. When the object is in different places and angles, the camera will automatically switch the lens to capture the image, making it clearer. Dual light source design, built-in infrared light + white light, night vision infrared and night vision full color can be set. The camera supports horizontal 0-355 and vertical 0-90 degree rotation, allowing you to have a wider field of view and not miss any beautiful moments. 2.4G WIFI + RJ45 network port for Internet access. Note: The camera only supports 2.4G wifi and does not support 5G wifi. Support TF storage and cloud storage (free one month cloud storage). This WiFi camera featuring powerful speaker and microphone with noise cancellation and echo suppression allows you to listen and talk to your families, staff. Humanoid detection/vehicle detection/pet detection/other detection.

Note: This function needs to enable Cloud storage. Cutting-edge AI algorithm helps detect different activities for smarter notifications and all-round protection. Human body detection: When the camera detects a person, a square shaped detection symbol will appear on the screen, indicating that the detected object is a person.

Vehicle detection: When the camera detects a car, it will prompt that the detected object is a car. Packaging detection: When the camera detects a package, the alarm message displays as a package.

Pet detection: When the camera detects a pet, the alarm message displays the pet. Automatic tracking/movement alarm, alarm output sound and light linkage. When an object moves in the picture, the camera will also follow the object and alarm.

AI intelligent algorithm to achieve video 3D positioning and continuous tracking of target alarms. Support Android/IOS APP remote management.

Even if you are on the other side of the Earth, you can view the situation at home. You only need to download an app (IPC360 Home) to remotely view real-time images. If the camera is inserted into the TF card or Cloud storage is opened, you can also watch the playback anytime and anywhere. This camera is not a battery powered camera and is equipped with a DC12V power supply before leaving the factory to power the camera. Note: Wireless means that the camera and router do not directly require wiring harnesses, but the camera requires a power cord for power supply.
8K WiFi Security Camera Wireless Outdoor IP PTZ Smart Home CCTV Security IR Cam