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IeGeek Floodlight Security Outdoor Camera Home System Wifi IP Cam Night Vision

IeGeek Floodlight Security Outdoor Camera Home System Wifi IP Cam Night Vision

IeGeek Floodlight Security Outdoor Camera Home System Wifi IP Cam Night Vision
Floodlight security camera realizes light monitoring two in one and functions far beyond traditional floodlights. Enhance your security by adding iegeek surveillance, motion alert, custom detection area, 110dB siren, real-time notification via 2-way audio, working with Alexa and more.

For those juggling family and work, you won't miss out on time with your family while ensuring their safety and privacy. Outdoor camera wireless supports adjusting the PIR detection sensitivity/alarm decibels/alarm area/lighting time period/7-level light brightness through the APP. Receiving alarm messages and taking warning actions (lighting/siren/audio) even when you are not at home.

The flood light camera deters intruders and protects your property with 2,600 lumens of ultra-bright motion-activated floodlight. Nt Detection & Real-time Alerts? Setting a motion detection zone allows the wired security camera to focus on motion in your property, reducing 80% false positives. You can set monitor area shape freely, as set a square for garden and a oval for car. Outdoor flood light supports custom detection area, sound alarm, and will give a severe siren warning to any intruder, triggering a alarm to scare away any unwelcome visitors.

Video & Colorful Night Vision? IeGeek outdoor security camera features a 1/2.7 2K 3Mega CMOS color sensor for sharper, undistorted pictures day or night. 4 IR lights intelligently sense ambient light and switch to color night vision mode, the monitor distance is up to 49ft/15m. Floodlight cam wired pro keeps you Peace of mind day and night. Software Encryption & Multi-user Sharing? Security camera outdoor adopts software data encryption to ensure your privacy.

With just one QR scan to share your camera access with family or friends. IP65 waterproof, 2.4G wifi connect, 7 days free cloud storage, SD card supports 724h all-weather recording and event recording, which can be selected as needed, without worrying about not being able to record. PART 1: With 2600LM Flood Lights and Alarm, ieGeek Floodlight Security Camera Making Peace of Mind Day and Night. IeGeek wifi security camera is equipped with the latest 2K color sensor 1/2.7CMOS and LED lamp, to bring you clear night vision video like daytime. Motion Activate Lights and Alarm.

The flood light outdoor with a. Detection range of up to 49ft/15m. Will activate the 2pcs 6000K floodlights and alarm system if someone enters the detection range.

IeGeek security camera will receive a. On the ieGeek Cam App. If it happens at night, the light will be turned on automictically.

Can be manually triggered to scare away the intruder when meeting any abnormality. 2-way Audio and Sound Detection. On this ip camera will allow you to record clear video sound. Whether you're nearby or not, you can talk to the person in front of the floodlight cam and scare away thieves. With this feature, you can immediately respond to children playing in the yard, especially when they cry.

PIR Motion Detection and App Notifications. Effectively reduce false positives by 80%. IeGeek home cameras can detect not only people, but also animals, cars, and more. If you want to disable this feature at night, please set the time period for motion detection. You can also turn off notifications at any time.

PART 2: Upgarded 2K 3MP Outside Camera with LED Light, Make See People and Objects More Clearly From a Distance. Compared with another camera without lights, night vision distance of ieGeek outdoor camera is up to 82 feet/25 meters. Meanwhile, 130° wide-angle help to detect and scar away intruders before they approach your car. Offer you peace of mind day and night. The outdoor security camera features 2pcs 2600lm super bright LED light with. So you can choose the level of light that suits your needs.

This design also helps to save energy. For example, if you're recording a video to commemorate a party in the garden, adjust the brightness to be as bright as possible. Or if you're admiring the moon in the garden, adjust the brightness to be as low as possible. IeGeek wireless security camera system with motion sensor's.

Motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted between 1-10 stops. You can set different detection levels according to the objects you need to detect, and let animals trigger like humans, so that you can not only see the elderly and children in the yard, but also what small animals are doing.

The outdoor wireless security camera has a. That lets you set the light to be always on or customize the lighting time.

The light will automatically turn on at the corresponding time. Can turn on or off light freely.

For example, if you go home at 6pm, have dinner in the backyard, read a book, and go back to the room at 10pm to rest, you can set your lights to turn on from 6pm-10pm. PART 3: With Additional Feature of App Using, ieGeek Security Camera Meets All Your Personalized Surveillance Needs.

You can customize motion detection area on the app to reduce unwanted alerts. You can set the main road, bedroom, bathroom, swimming pool and other places as private areas. Focus on protection, reduce false alarms and leave enough privacy for you.

The outdoor camera supports 2 ways to store recorded video, Micro SD card (not included, support 2GB-128 GB) and Cloud storage. Either one encrypts your data. To protect recordings and remote access. IeGeek security camera system uses the APP, one smartphone can control up to 10 smart security cameras. You can view 4 monitoring screens at the same time, helping you monitor your front door, backyard, side door and garage at once. Share with up to 5 family members or friends who can help protect your home and have fun together. PART 4: Secure Install in Multi-scenarios, iegeek Floodlights All-around Protecting Your Home, Making Security Simpler. 8 Years of Meticulous Security. IeGeek has been engaged in the R & D design and production of smart security products for 8 years. When choosing the right security products for your home or office, choose ieGeek.

All products passed CE, FCC, ROHS certification. IeGeek established an extremely strict quality inspection process. Use advanced 256-bit AES encryption technology to protect your privacy. 1 × ieGeek Floodlight Camera.

1 × Central Screw Cap. TIP: If the camera falls off during installation, please don't worry, the camera can be installed back. SD card is not included.

Connect Camera with CloudEdge App by 2.4G WiFi, not support 5G WiFi. The junction box and existing electrical wires are required for Floodlight Camera installation. You can turn the camera knobs on Floodlight Camera to adjust the camera to your desired angle.

IeGeek Floodlight Security Outdoor Camera Home System Wifi IP Cam Night Vision